Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Kingnature develops, produces and distributes high quality nutrient supplements and skin care cosmetics with fine natural ingredients applying latest Swiss healthcare technologies. All Kingnature products are manufactured or processed in Switzerland, upholding Swiss quality standards. Kingnature finds health solutions in nature, and retrieves the best natural ingredients that the nature has to offere. The company is, and would stay independent, to ensure the strictquality control from growing, harvesting to manufacturing.The comprehensive health of body, soul and spirit is Kingnature’s objective. Achieving the goal is what motivates the company. It is Kingnature’s strong desire and wish for its consumers to experience good health by using its products.

Kingnature takes old traditional knowledge about natural ingredients and combine them with high-tech science in the production process. The outcome of the method is fully natural products which are enhanced in bioavailability by using certain production techniques and special mixtures which are tested and analyzed in Swiss labs. The company constantly on the lookout for new natural methods of treatment to alleviate chronic diseases and to quickly replenish deficiencies in the body. Its internal medical doctors conduct testings and researches to produce optimal solutions, which therapists and doctors are looking for. Kingnature also work closely with universities and research institutes. It aims to be at the spearhead when it comes to natural treatments and nutritional supplements. Close cooperation with researchers is therefore important to Kingnature. The company works to give therapists quality alternatives when they want to treat their patients with natural medicine. It also helps therapists make their existing therapies more effective. Many natural ingredients are grown on the farms owned by Kingnature in Switzerland. In this way, the company could guarantee the best quality and can control the whole process. Kingnature works without pesticides and on a full organic basis.