Mercuria Energy Group

Mercuria Energy Group is one of the world’s leading independent energy and commodities trading groups. It has principal commercial hubs in Geneva, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, London and Houston and a global network of regional offices and facilities. The heart of Mercuria’s business is the supply and trading of energy and other commodities. Its portfolio encompasses crude oil, refined products and petrochemicals, natural gas and liquid petroleum gas, power, coal, base metal, iron ore, metal concentrates, carbon emissions, and biofuels. More than 1,000 people operate from 38 offices in 27 to sustain Mercuria’s extensive business reach in more than 50 countries. In 2017, Mercuria’s turnover is 104 billion and the trading volume of physical cargo is 331 million tons of oil equivalent. Mercuria China was founded in 2004 with three offices in Geneva, Singapore and Beijing. These three offices formed the core pillars of the Mercuria Group. Since then, Mercuria China has set up partnerships with a number of Chinese companies, including Sinopec, China National Petroleum Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, ChemChina, Sinochem Group. Mercuria’s trading team in Beijing engages in trading of physical cargo of crude oil, fuel oil, coal, iron ore and chemicals. The trading team based in Shanghai focuses on trading base metals and concentrates. As the holding company, Mercuria (China) Investment Co., Ltd. manages trading and investment activities of the Group in China. The company is working with its Chinese counterparts to bring energy products to China.