The Swiss Contemporary Architecture of The Architect

18:30 - 21:00

Stage 1

Organized by Sino-Swiss Architectural Cultural Salon of Young Architects

Swiss architecture enjoys great reputation in the world, which could contribute to the international influence of Swiss architects. The Architect magazine has been following the developments and innovations of Swiss architecture for a long time. In February 2018, on the invitation of the Embassy of Switzerland in the China and Presence Switzerland, its editor visited Switzerland for a media tour on architecture. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the magazine solicited contributions from young architects who have studied and work in Switzerland.  It reports on Swiss contemporary architects and their works, architecture theory and architectural education. After four months of preparation and editing, the special issue of Swiss contemporary architecture was officially published on June 20, 2018. On the publication of the special issue, the Architect magazine will hold a small-scale salon with young architects, inviting authors of the articles, and young scholars with Swiss educational background to share their insights into Swiss architecture. This salon is expected to set up an exchange platform for architects of the two countries and to promote exchanges and development of architecture in both countries by combining architectural culture, science and technology and art of Switzerland and China