Integrated River Basin Management: experience sharing from Switzerland and China

16:30 - 18:00


Organized by EBP

Managing water in terms of water quantity and quality has always been a challenge worldwide. Integrated approach on the river basin level is one of the most effective ways to target water crisis and protect the eco-environment. As the water tower of Europe, Switzerland has gone through the path from heavily polluted surface water in the 1960s to crystal clear lakes of today. Despite well-established wastewater treatment facilities and water related policy, more human impacts on water quantity and quality as a result of their activities are constantly being revealed. Dealing with pressure from non-point and point pollution and fighting against draught events are still the focus of Swiss water authorities today. With China’s determination to construct a beautiful China, a series of effective measures to manage the water risks are planned or implemented. Since water management is a complex issue, the two countries have lot to learn from each other. This event brings water and environmental experts from Swiss and Chinese public authorities, academy, practitioners and interested audience together. Participants will learn about the pathway of Switzerland’s water management, the frontier research findings, the Green Development and Yangtze Economic Belt Program, as well as the process of China’s pollution control. Leading experts will share their insights into the issues and engage the audience with their discussions.

Panoramic view of the first bend of the Yangtze River near ShiGu village not far from Lijiang, Yunnan – China