DCAF Peacekeeping session

13:00 - 15:00


Organized by DCAF (Geneva Center for Democratic Control of Armed Forces)

They way in which peacekeeping training centres incorporate thematic awareness and skills development is a significant factor to addressing capacity gaps in missions upstream. This can include police development, Rule of Law, and Security Sector Reform, as well as advising skills, planning, and community engagement, amongst others. It requires building capacity at a leadership level. However, it is equally important to enhance aptitudes at more junior levels in order to provide more rounded support, and start preparing the mission leaders of tomorrow. It is also important to reflect on the different approaches that TCCs/PCCs have, and the unique strengths their culture and history bring. This is an area where China brings a particular strength. And as more Peacekeeping Training Centres are looking to becoming regional hubs of excellence for learning, this provides an additional opportunity to maximise the value of diversity within training – both from sharing experiences with others and greater collaboration on best practice and approaches.

Program: 1. Welcome introduction by the Swiss Ambassador to China, H.E. De Dardel 2. Introductory remarks by the Chair of the panel, the Director of DCAF, Ambassador Thomas Guerber 3. Interventions of 5-7 minutes by Chinese as well as international panellists 4. Q&A & Summing up by the Chair.