Study in Switzerland Preparatory Workshop

16:30 - 17:30


Organized by STE

Activity Introduction

Every year about 700 students leave China to enroll at a Swiss university. They take a leap of faith by moving to a new country and taking up studies in a new academic environment. While offering a great experience, this move undoubtedly also brings certain challenges.
Each year, the  Science, Technology and Education Section of Swiss Embassyhelps prospective students to learn to deal with these challenges in  a preparatory workshop. The goal is to prepare the students for some of the challenges one might come across, whether they are cultural, linguistic or very practical. The workshop will also provide an opportunity for the students to meet other outbound students and to start building a network before their departure to Switzerland.
Participants of the workshop are also invited to the evening’s reunion of alumni of Swiss universities, where they can meet others who have been in their shoes not so long ago