Wyeth Press Conference

15:30 - 16:45

Stage 2

Organized by Wyeth Nutrition

About the event

The press event will introduce its latest Wyeth S-26 Ultima, an example of “Intelligently Made in Switzerland“.

 Wyeth® S-26® Ultima®3 recognized as an intelligently made in Switzerland brand for its outstanding innovation and quality

Swiss Innovation Week(SIW) 2018 kicked off on July 3rd, in Swiss Embassy in Beijing, where 100% Swiss imported Wyeth S-26 Ultima wins wide recognition. “Swiss brands benefit from our country’s perfect environment, world-leading technological innovation and Swiss craftsmanship. I am proud to say that as one of the examples of intelligently made in Switzerland, Wyeth Nutrition infant formula represents Swiss enterprises’ commitment to both innovation and quality.” said Swiss Ambassador Jean-Jacques de Dardel. SIW, an initiative of Swiss Embassy, offers a unique opportunity to boost strong Sino-Swiss ties in trade and investment, to deepen strategic partnership and to collaborate on innovation with shared value. Switzerland is known for its innovation capacity and has been leading for years the world ranking of the most innovative countries. Switzerland is the cradle of innovation, the birthplace of many Nobel laureates such as Einstein and recently Jacques Dubochet, as well as the cradle of numerous advanced technologies. Switzerland’s quality of life is associated with not only technological advancement but also pristine environment. Extending across the north and south side of the Alps in west-central Europe, Switzerland encompasses a great diversity of landscapes and climates. This unique geography coupled with effective enforcement of environmental regulations and practices empowers Switzerland to sit among the greenest nations in the Environmental Performance Index for years. Wyeth S-26 Ultima, 100% manufactured and packaged in Swiss, is one of the examples of intelligently made in Switzerland, representing Swiss enterprises’ commitment to both innovation and quality. Wyeth Nutrition gathers top minds from across the world in its R&D centre in Lausanne, inventing around 10 breakthrough patents on a yearly basis, committed to providing better nutrition for Chinese babies with infant formula that developed with enginuety and leading technology. Manufactured in Konolfingen, Wyeth S-26 Ultima originates from the 50 kilometre away Swiss pasturage of high altitude at the Alps, with a rich range of plants not found at other altitudes. Wyeth S-26 Ultima has professional nutrient combination of sphingomyelin, DHA, choline and lutein, which are four major nutrients that contribute to the development of babys’ brain. Sphingomyelin is regarded as an important nutrient to the networking of neurons. Its unique combination of prebiotics helps improve the composition of intestinal microbiota. Wyeth S-26 dedicates to exploring nutrients and products to support baby’ brain development and learning potential. Wyeth Nutrition was chosen by the National Institutes of Health as the only global partner on infant nutrition and in 2016, they launched the Baby Connectome Project in the United States. 2 Relevant data reveal that there are 50 trillion connected neurons in the baby’s brain before he or she is born. When the baby reaches 3 years old, there are 1000 trillion connected neurons in his or her brain, more than 10 times the world’s internet connection. Therefore, brain connection is also called neuron networking. The first 1000 days of life is the key window phase of the neuron networking. Neuron structural integrity is the material basis for the formation of neuronal connections, and it has a direct impact on the cultivation of infants’ intelligence, emotion, language, and behavioral abilities. Every critical period of the baby’s growth represents the crystallization of neuron networking. As research deepens, scientists found that nutrition plays a vital role in the development of infants’ neuron networking. Wyeth Nutrition has been committed to the research, development and innovation in infant nutrition products. “We want to lead the company and the infant formula industry moving forward through continuous scientific innovation.” Said Frank Qu, president of Wyeth Nutrition Greater China, “Launched three years ago, Wyeth S-26 Ultima enjoys an average y-o-y growth of 46.3% and becomes the first Swiss infant formula brand in terms of market share. Wyeth S-26 Ultima is received widely recognition from Chinese mums.”


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